Margot Slosson (Women’s Business Center, LiftFund):
“Mr. Garza has been a tremendous resource to our business center. He is well-respected in the both the legal and business communities and has a strong understanding of legal issues faced by small business owners. He has provided valuable advice to our organization as we have expanded our operations. He is always professional, friendly, and detail oriented. We have received positive feedback from our entrepreneur clients whom we have referred to him for legal services.”

Zabdi Salazar, (Director of Business Operations, The Contemporary Group):
“Mr. Garza has helped our organization in many ways through his legal expertise. He is always sincere and dedicated to helping individuals as as he can. He really cares about his clients, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to help. I’m very glad to work with Mr. Garza, and gain his legal expertise and advice! He is one of the most honest and dedicated attorney’s in San Antonio.”

Carol Simpson, Ph.D. (Shareholder, Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C.):
“I worked with Aric as an expert witness on a case. He was intensely involved in his case, and developed his arguments with care and precision. He spends the time necessary to understand his client and the client’s goals, and goes forward to accomplish what is needed. I can recommend him highly.”

Merri Cronk (FranNet Franchise Consultant):
“Aric is a talented public speaker. He is very down to earth and maintains that approach with law. I am happy to recommend Aric to my clients, because I know with him they will be in good hands.”

John Cruz (Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending, Broadway Bank):
“Aric is a personal friend and confidant who’s morale compass is right on target. From time to time, I contact Aric as a specialist in understanding key clients I am calling on as well as depend on Aric for his referral network. I am happy to endorse Aric as a friend without reservation.”

John Matney (Partner at Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP):
“Aric and I worked opposite each other on a litigation matter. I found Aric to be professional and responsive, with the goal of working for the best interest of his client.”

Jason Smith:
“Mr. Aric J. Garza’s knowledge of the law brought about the positive resolution of a to year old ordeal, in a timely and efficient manner. He is truly driven to help people and operates with the highest level of professional ethics, honesty and courtesy. Thank you!”

Olivier Dardant:
“Mr. Garza was wonderful to work with. Not only did he answer all my questions, but he really took the time to educate me as a business owner to make sure that I had all the tools I needed to operate my business. I would highly recommend him as someone to build a professional relationship with and grow as an entrepreneur.”

Michael Reyes:
“Our family was involved in a probate matter. Under tight time constraints, Mr. Garza personally advised us, drew up needed paper work, and represented us in court. Through his efforts, Mr. Garza provided guidance and peace of mind under circumstances which would otherwise have been very stressful to our family.”

Kimberly McCollon:
“Mr. Garza was very knowledgable and informative. Always responded quickly to my calls and emails. He prepared me well for deposition and made me feel very comfortable with the process. I would recommend Mr. Garza to anyone needing legal assistance.”

Kathleen Sheridan:
“Aric Garza was quick in responding to my request for an attorney and I really have appreciated his advice in my situation. It is rare to find both a knowledgeable and caring attorney and Mr. Garza is both. Thank you very much for your assistance.”

Arturo P:
“I was being sued by my ex and was threatened to be put in jail and contempt charges. Aric and his team fought for me and I felt that I had Johnnie Cochran on my side. I didn’t go to jail and wasn’t held in contempt. I’ve never had an attorney that fought for me like Aric and his team did. Although were from out of town he accommodate our schedule and meet with us and had manny conference calls to discuss prior to court. I’m very happy with him and his great staff.”

Ruben L:
“After reading his reviews and speaking with Mr. Garza, I decided to retain his services. Mr. Garza took on my child support modification case and was able to accomplish more in a fraction of the time I spent dealing with the OAG on my own. I wasn’t used to the main form of communication being emails but I can understand why. I would retain again if needed.”

Jeff E:
“Aric was great representation for me. His counsel was so important in winning my family court hearing. I would recommend his as an attorney to anyone needing a good lawyer.”

James L:
“After retaining Mr. Garza as my small business lawyer, he was able to handle my situation with the up most of confidence and was knowledgeable about my situation and put me at ease. I would rehire this attorney at anytime. Thank you.”

Caleb S:
“Aric was understanding and helped guide me through my divorce case. It was emotional and confusing at first but Aric helped coach me along and ensured that my interests were looked out for and protected me and what I valued throughout the process. His prices were very fair and I definitely felt like I was working with another human being and not a legal firm who didn’t care for me.”

“I desperately needed guidance for a matter in probate court. He spent time with me to make sure I knew what was going on and what we should do going forward. I am truly thankful for the time he spent with me to be able to come to a solution. Thank you Aric!”

“I am a property manager remotely managing a property in Texas. Having no contacts in the area, I requested information from Mr. Garza concerning Texas law mandates. With having no previous contact with me before, Mr. Garza was still very quick to respond to me and provided me with all of the necessary information I was seeking. To me, that shows great character, as helping me did not benefit him in any way. Thanks again!”