Property Law

Our Property law Services

Rights to & Interests in Property

Provide expertise and legal protection of your property through common law, state law, and the constitution

Property Development & Commercial Leases

Representing developers, owners, and lenders on matters of real property acquisition, developments, leases, sales, and more

Residential Transactions & Foreclosures

Legal assistance in the process of purchasing, constructing, improving, repairing, or maintaining a residence

Real Estate Litigation

Resolving significant disputes dealing with residential or commercial property ownership

What Is Property Law?

Real estate is generally considered to apply to home and business land ownership, but can apply to many other issues. In addition to the structures like buildings and homes, real estate can also include mineral (oil and gas) interests within or on the land. Real estate also includes rights that accompany that land, including the right to drill beneath the surface. We can assist clients with many legal issues including:

  • Rights to and interests in the property;
  • Purchases and transfers;
  • Property development;
  • Commercial leases and conveyances;
  • Home loans and foreclosures; and
  • Construction (Residential and Commercial) disputes; and
  • Adverse Possession claims

We’re Here to Help

Working with an experienced Texas attorney is crucial to successfully navigating real estate legal issues. The wide variety of legal situations that fall under the umbrella of real estate law make a wide knowledge base an indispensable asset in this type of practice. At our firm, we have more than 20 years of experience and legal precedent to guide our work.

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