Stop Debt Collector Harrassment

Financial hardships are stressful.  Whether it is because of credit card debt, student loans, mortgages, or past-due service bills, harassing phone calls from debt collectors can add a considerable amount to your level of stress.  Debt collector harassment has led to numerous personal bankruptcies, marital instabilities, loss of jobs, and invasions of privacy.

Although persistent attempts to collect from you is legal, debt collector harassment is illegal and will not be tolerated by the Federal Trade Commission.  Most debt collectors realize this and are good about obeying the law.  Sometimes, however, debt collectors may cross the line and engage in debt collector harassment.  Fortunately, there are legal actions you can take to stop this harassment.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was created for the sole purpose of protecting consumers from debt collector harassment by prohibiting certain debt collector behavior.  It prohibits debt collectors employed by third party collection agencies from engaging in any form of debt collector harassment, but the Act’s provisions do not cover collectors hired by the original creditors themselves.

Among other things, the FDCPA prohibits:

  • Calling at unreasonable hours;
  • Failing to cease communication upon request;
  • Repeatedly and continuously calling;
  • Communicating with consumers after they have filed bankruptcy;
  • Communicating with consumers at their place of employment;
  • Communicating with consumers represented by an attorney;
  • Communicating with consumers after request for validation; and
  • Misrepresenting or deceiving.

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